About Us

Clarity in Complexity

Training leaders & teams to embrace change, adapt and thrive.

"The only constant in life is change"


Our Approach

We design bespoke strategies, training and capability interventions that build agile leaders & teams to improve performance, embrace change and thrive in complex environments by helping our clients:
  • Meet complexity with simplicity
  • Harness fluidity with consistency
  • Prioritise, then communicate with clarity
  • Review - Learn - Improve

Our Pedigree

WholeShip was born from the world of fighter aviation where lives depend on clear strategies, positive team cultures, empowerment & accountability, reinforced by honest debrief and review.

Our Team
Senior leaders, data experts and qualified trainers with practical experience in the art and science of leadership and teamwork.

Dan Stembridge - Managing Director

Dan is a former fighter pilot, senior leader and expert practitioner in the management of risk. He personally led a £35Bn Portfolio Management Office and advised Ministers across Government on strategic programmes. Having also led a complex organisation of 3000 personnel, he brings extensive experience to WholeShip in the delivery of large change programmes and the use of data &analytics in decision intelligence.

Myles Gallimore - Director of Learning

A highly successful military and commercial pilot, Myles is a specialist in human factors, decision making and resilience. He was specifically brought into WholeShip for his knowledge in the design and delivery of complex training packages. An experienced leader and coach, Myles is ideally suited and qualified to lead our extensive training team of associates worldwide. 

Paul Stanley - Strategy Advisor

Paul is a highly successful CEO and strategist who has extensive previous Private Equity experience as both a member of PE Boards and CEO of portfolio companies. An expert in leadership and change, Paul brings a wealth of experience to WholeShip as Strategy Advisor to the Board.

Helen Stembridge - Director of Communications

Helen is an experienced coach and strategic communicator with a track record of successfully helping companies use data and analytics to improve their processes & decision intelligence. She brings over 25 years of proven experience in companies such as The UK Hydrographic Office, Royal Mail and the Financial Times. 

Debbie Sims - Training Manager

Debbie is an accomplished, highly experienced trainer and facilitator. She specialises in building high functioning teams, developing effective leaders and helping others manage workplace conflict and tension. Debbie brings 25 years of practical senior leadership experience and a proven track record as a trainer to her role as the WholeShip Training Manager.